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Lawn Irrigation: Sprinkler System Comes Standard in Hurricane Homes

June 9, 2017

Hurricane Builders knows your lawn is important to you. That’s why we take extra measures to make sure your home has a healthy, bright green lawn by installing an automatic lawn irrigation system in every new home we build.

Sprinkler systems can be very expensive and are not included in the construction costs for most new homes. Hurricane takes a different approach. We install a perfect carpet of sod to fill the front and all or most of the back yard, depending on the size of your lot. Then, we install an automatic sprinkler / irrigation system to make sure the lawn stays beautiful and green. Your yard will always look great, even when there is no rain in the forecast.

We take great pride in every home we build. That’s why we make sure little luxuries and state-of-the-art energy saving features come standard. These features include geofencing smart thermostats that heat or cool your home to the perfect temperature before you arrive home, energy efficient water saving faucets and showerheads, tankless water heaters, hardwood floors, trey ceilings, granite countertops and more*.

Building smarter homes is Hurricane’s commitment to give homebuyers more for their money, by building in the surprising extras at no extra cost. Our company is committed to staying ahead of the curve in technology, quality and affordability. That’s why the homes we build are smarter and more energy efficient, to make your life easier and save you money every day.

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  • Standard features may vary according to floor plan, location and price range.


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